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Kelli Wood


Little known fact: I'm actually featured in a Marketing Textbook for University Students across Canada in 2015. (Marketing, 2nd/3rd Canadian Edition by Grewal to be exact!) This book is currently used at Wilfrid Laurier's School of Business, Waterloo, Carleton, University of Toronto, UBC's School of Business, York / Schulich MBA program, The Richard Ivey School of Business.

In one of the chapters, there's short biography of my former corporate life and suit-esque photo (maybe slightly different than the attached...) Students from across the country have been messaging me on LinkedIn over the past few weeks, especially as I gear up to study with Seth Godin, asking me how I managed to get to where I was, what the 'unique thing I did'. Truth y'all. There's no magic formula. I wrote each student back and said -- three things: 
1. Do not get caught in the rat race, information/social media glut of all of the things that your friends and peers are doing / you 'should' be doing. The 'right jobs', the 'right people', Just white noise. That's what's right for them. Choose what's right for YOU. 
2. Successful people care little about what others think, and instead, focus on their individuality. They use that to learn how to challenge and build themselves, learn what fulfills them, and how to play to their strengths. A little doubt is healthy, (keeps ya humble), but be mindful of whether or not its prohibitive.
3. And don't be afraid to be bad at something, so that you can learn how to be really good at it. I've drawn a lot of bad pictures, I'll tell you that. In the end, no one really cares. Do it for yourself.